Stordes celebrates its 15th anniversary

the agony of attention

an exhibition from 7 november till 6 december, 2019

The exhibition addresses form and meaning of strategy. More than 50 drawings and other works investigate the essence of strategy and what it entails, while these works also explore the space for novel expressions of strategy.

The title refers to the current time and age in which the desire for attention and the associated fight for attention are larger than the ability to give attention. In that light strategy is a particular way of thinking, decision making and communicating to get the attention to achieve a better position through interventions.

The shown images make other lines of looking and thinking visible and pose questions that are otherwise not asked. A different light is shed on strategy, beyond existing conventions. The unusual and wonder are explicit ingredients to evoke deeper layers of engagement. In that sense the exhibition is also a quest into the human desire for understanding and connection.

The exhibition is in the former FNV offices

Houttuinlaan 3,

3447 GM Woerden

Visit by appointment : info@stordes.com

Naamloos 4 kopie.jpg


At Stordes we believe in the beauty of organisations, the strength of great work and the absolutely inherent qualities of organisations as works of art.

Any organisation's agenda would be helped by fresh perspectives and ideas. Ideas that come forward from wonder, thought, experience and making.



Strategic work is about focus and making a difference. Strategic is moving from broad, but distinctive perspectives towards specific choices in the design and workings of the organisation.



Organisations are manmade social constructs. This is the domain of the work of Stordes. For Stordes an organisation is also defined and driven by a shared desire, a common purpose of the people that make up that social space. 



Stordes’ design work is about making organisations function in very useful and utterly beautiful ways by letting them physically create their desire. For Stordes, language and images are important means to unveil this desire and trigger the will to strive for it.



Stordes is labeled as a studio to mark a space where a variety of professionals jointly create: a working space where various physical and digital locations come together.



When organisations are works of art, they proof to be larger than themselves. They surpass their intrinsic economic value. They radiate beyond their physical boundaries and utilitarian functions. They embrace the concepts of beauty and meaning.

These organisations touch their audiences’ hearts and souls, leaving them both speechless and invigorated. They are conceived with bigger ideas, stronger desires. They exhibit paradoxes of human life and somehow solve them at the same time. Stordes works with organisations as works of art in a daring and caring manner.



An organisation as a work of art demands a distinctive standpoint about the role and place of that organisation in its context, a daring exercise.

To develop such an organisation requires conviction and courage. Devilish dilemmas need to be resolved and uncomfortable paradoxes embraced. Choices have to be made and consequences managed.

Daring is accepting that the process is often fuzzy and the outcome uncertain. Both for the organisation and for Stordes.



Creating and maintaining organisations as works of art means to care and take care.

To care is to gain a deep understanding of the purpose and the context of an organisation and to have a keen eye for the human scale at every level. To become aware of systems and conventions, interactions and structures, power and autonomy, intention and behavior, languages and labels.

Taking the responsibility for the outcome of the design and the creation of the organisation is an undeniable prerequisite, when it comes to taking care.